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1000PRO-70 "Disc Padlock Pro"

PACLOCK's 70mm "Disc Padlock Pro" lock is manufactured to be tough and secure! Made from stainless steel with welded seams and 9mm thick hardened steel shackle, this lock is perfect for multiple applications. The design of the Disc Padlock Pro lock with its limited exposed shackle means better defense against bolt cutter attacks.


Most padlocks have cylinders with only "4-pin" technology, making duplicate keys common. PACLOCK's "6-pin" cylinder technology offers an industry-leading 20,000 key changes – a 2,000% increase over standard disc locks on the market. We stand behind our product with a "No Key Interchange" $100 Guarantee!


How well does this lock stand up against would be thieves? Check out this Bosnian Bill video.



- Polished stainless steel exterior with welded seams


- Lock casing manufactured with progressive die-stamping technology for consistently superior part tolerance


- Ultrasonic cleaning eliminates debris and manufacturing residue


- 6-pin cylinder technology with 20,000 key changes to avoid key duplication


- The only padlock on the market with a "No Key Interchange" $100 Guarantee!


- Available as Keyed Alike (KA) or Keyed Different (KD) and comes with 2 keys



The Disc Padlock Pro is perfect for outdoor shelters, storage units, gates, and trucks.


PACLOCK's "No Key Interchange" $100 Guarantee

This lock can only be opened by a key with the same key code: if a key with a different code opens this lock, PACLOCK will replace your lock AND give you $100!


“Pacific Lock Company’s (“PACLOCK”) “No Key Interchange $100 Guarantee" offers to pay $100.00US to any consumer that is able to consistently replicate a “key-interchange” between two “70mm DISC PADLOCK PRO LOCKS” that were manufactured with different/unique key numbers. “Key-interchange” is defined as the process by which one key with one unique number is able to open both its assigned padlock (for which the key was produced) as well as another non-assigned padlock (for which the key was not specifically assigned). To complete a claim against the guarantee, the consumer must contact Pacific Lock Company by calling 661-294-3707. PACLOCK will pay for shipping the products in question to its headquarters for inspection and analysis. Should the claim be validated, then PACLOCK will issue a company check in the amount of $100.00US to the claimant. If PACLOCK feels that the returned products were tampered with in any way, then it is up to the sole discretion of PACLOCK to decide whether to honor the guarantee. Claimant will be required to return both padlocks in question and keys to demonstrate the key interchange. Failure to do so makes the claim invalid. PACLOCK makes no other warranties or guarantees beyond these terms and conditions.”

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