Facilities & Institutions


PACLOCK manufactures security solutions to meet institutional and facility demands, including schools and universities; transportation authorities; energy generation and distribution; law enforcement; petroleum facilities; and more.

All Rust Resistant Components

We are the only padlock manufacturer in our class that uses all rust resistant components inside the lock! From the ball bearings and screws to the springs, all stainless steel and brass.

Optional Keyways

Leverage three available keyways to maximize your number of key changes.

Custom Laser Engraving

With our Your Logo, Your Locks custom laser engraving program, you can add unique serial numbers, logos, or other important information directly to each padlock.

Learn More About Custom Laser Engraving Here

Key Retention

Opt for a key-retaining actuator for a higher level of security – at no additional cost.

6-Pin Technology

By default, all of our padlocks come standard with 6-pin cylinder technology. 6 Pins means 8,000+ key combinations and better security.