PACLOCK designs and manufactures an extensive line of security solutions with the locksmith in mind.

A variety of body materials and styles; interchangeable core models; and multiple options means a locksmith get exactly what is needed to get the job done.

All LFIC Brands

We offer locks compatible with every type of Large-Format IC – from Medeco® to ASSA®, even Sargent® and Corbin®.

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Multiple Hidden Shackle Choices

Our patented hidden shackle padlocks work with Small-Format IC, Key-in-Knob/Key-in-Lever, Large-Format IC, Full-Size IC, Sargent®, and Corbin®.

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Your Logo, Your Locks™

Our unique program allows any locksmith to become a “manufacturer” of their own branded padlocks via laser engraving, hard die stamping, and custom packaging.

Learn More About Our Your Logo, Your Locks™ Program Here

SFIC and KiK/LiL Variety

We offer the widest variety of Small-Format IC and Key-in-Knob/Key-in-Lever compatible padlocks in the industry.

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Schlage® FSIC Availability

We have multiple options available for your Schlage® Full-Size IC.

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Extensive Rekeyable Line

Our extensive line of Standard Rekeyable padlocks can be keyed directly into Master Lock’s® American Lock® brand of padlocks.

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