Terms and Conditions

It’s easy being a PACLOCK customer. We have one simple guiding principle:

“PACLOCK wants to do good business with good customers.” When we get asked what we mean by “good business with good customers,” here are some of the answers that we offer:

Depend on Us: PACLOCK is constantly finding ways to decrease lead times by increasing our ability to push product out the door. We generally ship all orders, even highly custom orders, within 3 to 5 business days.

Minimum Orders: We are happy to ship small orders, so long as you are willing to pay small invoices. Generally, we prefer to ship a 6-piece minimum per lock style.

Express Order Fulfillment: Orders for any product can be put at the front of our production line. We charge an additional 15% of the total order to process and ship within your requested amount of time (minimum charge of $15). We’ll work with you to give you an anticipated lead time for this custom service.

Pay on Time: We are proud to be one of the last family owned lock manufacturers in the world and we depend on your timely payments to help continue growing our business.

Free Shipping: We will pay freight charges on all orders over $1,000.00 USD (based on net prices) to a single destination within the continental United States and Canada.

Domestic Shipping: We ship via FEDEX & USPS for our orders. We are willing to ship via UPS, DHL, or other carriers but will add a service charge to do so. Please call for details.

International Shipments: Please call and talk to us about shipping internationally. We have arrangements set up with forwarders but are willing to work with your forwarders as well.

Changing or Canceling an Order: Either of these situations drains value from a company. We will be as flexible as possible, but we will likely expect some value from you in return to accommodate your request.

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