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5 Pack of UCS Cylinders




The Universal Cylinder System by PACLOCK allows padlock owners to replace the cylinders in their UCS padlocks in minutes. Because all UCS padlocks are precisely machined in the US, PACLOCK can reproduce locks with extremely low tolerances, allowing for all different kinds of locks that use the same interchangeable cylinder. Whether you own a UCS-82A trailer lock, a Puck-Link™, or a Job Box Lock, rekeying your padlocks is as easy as unscrewing a screw and replacing the old cylinder with your new cylinder.

Increase your lockability with a five-pack of UCS cylinders, the best way to re-key your padlocks. With a pack of UCS cylinders in your UCS padlocks, you’ll only ever need one key to open them all.

All PACLOCK padlocks come standard with 6-pin cylinder technology.  padlocks only have 4-pins, leaving them relatively easy to pick and making duplicate key combinations a problem. Our standard 6-pin cylinder far exceeds the U.S. military lock requirements of a 5-pin cylinder. The insides of our locks are built using brass, aluminum, and stainless steel components, keeping them secure from not just unwanted guests, but harsh weather as well.

Along with being truly secure and having long-lasting durability, PACLOCK’S Universal Cylinder System padlocks can be keyed-alike, master-keyed, and even grand-master-keyed to minimize the number of keys you need to carry around.

Features & Options


  • Includes 5 cylinders
  • All stainless steel and brass components
  • 6-Pin, True-Security Serrated, and Spool Top Pins
  • Universal Cylinder System
  • Keys included: 5

Specs & Dimensions


  • Material: Stainless steel, Brass
  • Quantity of cylinders: 5
  • Amount of keys: 5
  • Cylinder: UCS 6-Pin True Security Cylinder