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ACCESS Controller

Intelligent Access Controller – Capable of Managing Any Electro-Mechanical 12V-24V Lock Drawing up to 3A of Power



PACLOCK’s Access series is the only line of “jack-of-all-trades” intelligent opening controllers on the market. Their compact design, versatile feature set, and high power output allows you to add Bluetooth locking to virtually any space. Transform your traditional keyed environment into a keyless solution with the powerful Access series product line.

Imagine yourself using the powerful ‘brain’ of the ACCESS to manage electronic door opening solutions from a single installation to multiple thousand-unit installations! Now you can control electro-mechanical locks, servo & DC motors, drop bolts, electric strikes and more with the ACCESS intelligent controller.

Give yourself industry-leading versatility in custom designing your own PAC-BLU solutions. PACLOCK has taken care of the basics for you – from input power to emergency power to the patented “Quick-Click” feature. You then decide how to leverage the ACCESS to run your drop bolt, electric strike, door opener, magnetic lock, servo motor or really any electro-mechanical device that works off of 12V and draws up to 3A of power! The ACCESS also allows you to connect any standard sensor (magnetic, mechanical, etc.) to the system and PAC-BLU’s enterprise management portal Sentinel will automatically start tracking the status of that sensor as well!

One key advantage of the ACCESS Series over a traditional “home-run” access system is that you save tremendous costs by co-locating the “brain” right next to each door. No more paying costly installation fees to home-run power and signaling cables to a central panel!

Learn more about PAC-BLU, Enterprise Keyless Security from PACLOCK, here.



Bluetooth Smart (4.0) enabled. Works with Bluetooth enabled iPhone 4S or newer and Android 4.4 or higher
No key or combination required – download the PAC-BLU app to your Bluetooth smartphone or tablet. Also works with PAC-BLU key fob
Easy and secure sharing with unlimited number of users and eKeys
View who, when and where lock was accessed
Enterprise grade security with PAC-BLU Sentinel server
Independent primary power input accepts 6V-24V DC from either battery or hard-line power
Independent secondary power input also accepts 6V-24V DC for primary power outage situations
Built-in voltage booster bumps incoming power up to 12V and can also pass higher voltage (up to 24V) straight through
Quick-Click feature opens lock without phone or keyfob
Manual unlock button triggers an immediate unlock event
Sensor support of mechanical or magnetic switches allowing for monitoring and reporting of door activity through Sentinel
Compatible with compact TFB (Tri-Function Box) with wake and patented Quick-Click button which opens lock without phone or key fob, LED visual feedback and emergency 9V battery terminals

Specs & Dimensions


  • Manages any electro-mechanical 12V–24V lock drawing up to 3 Amps of power including: servo or stepper motors, standard DC motors, drop bolts, electric strikes, solenoids, and electro-magnetic door locks
  • Offers the greatest user configuration
  • Uses two 13-pin terminal connectors for input/output
  • 3A Maximum power, resettable fuses
  • App configurable with variable security levels
  • Two input sensors
  • Size: 2.60″ x 3.20″ x 0.95″


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