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Single Unit KiK/KiL Key Trap/Key Sequencer/Key Retainer Device, Includes Back Plate



The PAC-KEEPER-KiK is a physical key management system that virtually guarantees that the key will get returned — something that other non-electrified key control devices cannot. Made in the USA from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, the innovative ball bearing locking PAC-KEEPER-KiK will protect your most important keys by insuring that the key is either returned or that you have proof of who removed it. With the PAC-KEEPER-KiK, the “Controlled Key” is locked into the device and can only be removed if a user has an approved “User Key.” The PAC-KEEPER-KiK works with your key-in-knob and key-in-lever cores from Abloy®, ASSA®, Ilco/Lori®, Medeco®, Sargent®, and Schlage®.

The PAC-KEEPER-KiK features a raised shoulder design to protect the trapped keyhead from tampering, and with aluminum, stainless steel, and brass components, the PAC-KEEPER-KiK is built for the outdoors. As an added benefit, the PAC-KEEPER-KiK accepts magnetic sensors so that you can connect it into your access control system. With the PAC-KEEPER-KiK tied into your access control system, you’ll know when someone removes the controlled key.

Features & Options


  • Compatible with KiK/KiL cylinders from Abloy®, ASSA®, Ilco/Lori®, Medeco®, Sargent®, and Schlage®
  • Dual bar bearings
  • Includes back plate
  • Cylinders not included
  • Keys included: 0
  • Country of origin: USA
  • BAA/TAA compliant

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Specs & Dimensions


  • Cylinder: Abloy®, ASSA®, Ilco/Lori®, Medeco®, Sargent®, and Schlage® KiK/KiL compatible