PL810 Hasp

Hockey-Puck Padlock Hasp Series, Grey Powder Coated Over Nickel Plated Steel, Less Padlock & Keys, Puck-Mountable with Extra Security Features

  • Only retail hasp that is double-coated ~ nickel plated first, then powder-coated second for the best rust protection
  • Only hasp in the world that allows the puck to stay mounted when opening a sliding or swinging door
  • Only hasp with additional locking points protected when the unit is locked
  • Secures to vans, gates, doors easily with carriage bolts (not included)
  • Works with any hockey-puck style padlock, but is best suited for PACLOCK’s 2173A Series



The “PL810” Series of shackleless padlock (“hockey-puck”) hasps are truly one-of-a-kind. Not only do they offer additional security features over the competition, but they offer additional convenience features as well as anti-rust protection never-before seen. Typical hasps like the PL810 are held into place only with three carriage bolts per side. These hasps are easily defeated by grinding off one set of the carriage bolt heads! With PACLOCK’s PL810 there is an additional, protected mounting point hidden under the padlock and another mounting point protected by the shroud itself! For convenience as well as cost savings, PACLOCK drilled through holes that match up with tapped holes into the back of our “2173A” padlock series. These allow the user to mount the puck to the hasp first, and forever, so that when then hasp is mounted to the gate, the puck never gets removed. To unlock, just turn the key and the cylinder slides down, unlocking the solution.

PACLOCK didn’t stop there. We not only nickel plated the hasps, but then we did an exterior grade powder coating over top of the nickel plating! Why? Because these hasps will get hit and scraped and dinged. If we only powder coated, then raw steel would be exposed which would lead to rust. If we only nickel plated, then you run into the same issue. But by double-coating, we’re doing everything in our power to give you the best, most rust-protected hasp ever available in the retail market.

While we don’t recommend it, these hasps can work with other manufacturer’s hockey-pucks. The bolt hole pattern matches with that of The Master Lock Company’s “770” style hasp so you can easily upgrade your hasp/puck security without having to drill new holes! This solution will work on your van slider door! When the door opens, it will pop out just enough to slide over top of the left side of the hasp. Buy this hasp with a hockey-puck as a kit, just search for “KT2173A/810” and pick your colors and keying options!

Features & Options

Hasp Features

  • Specifically designed for side door vans without needing modification (works with multiple other applications too)
  • Hasp ears can be mounted either using carriage bolts (not supplied) or by directly welding to your application
  • 6 O’clock key opening position
  • Mounting holes support direct bolting of PACLOCK’s 2173 Series hockey puck-style locks
  • One hidden 5/16″ bolt hole protected by the padlock itself

Competitor Reference

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