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PUCK-LINK Locking System


2-7/8″ Diameter Hidden Shackle “Pop Top” Rekeyable Lock System Designed for 5/16″ to 3/8″ Chain and One-Handed Operation, Attached Universal Mounting Plate Included




PACLOCK’s PUCK-LINK is a Patented design specifically tailored towards any sort of locking requirement where chains are necessary. This product is one of a kind with it’s “pop-top” unlocking design: insert your key, unlock the padlock, and the top pops up to allow one side of the chain to be unlocked. When it’s time to relock, simply reinsert the chain and push the top shut!

When unlocked, the opposite side of the chain is retained in place by the padlock design — it cannot be removed during a normal unlock process. If the user would like to remove, replace, or change the chain then the user can do this simply by removing the retaining pin located on the side of the lock. With this pin removed, the user can unlock the padlock and the top can be completely disconnected from the bottom. The old chain can be changed out for a new chain, the top reinstalled, and the retaining pin put back into place.

The PUCK-LINK accepts 5/16” to 3/8” chain of any length!  The body is made from rust-proof 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. The cylinder is an all brass construction with high security pins that provide real resistance to picking and bumping.

It also comes with a steel, universal mounting plate that allows you to mount the PUCK-LINK to posts, walls, or anything else that would make locking and unlocking convenient. The universal mounting plate has holes allowing you to mount the PUCK-LINK either vertically or horizontally on the plate.

Like so many of PACLOCK products, the PUCK-LINK can be rekeyed into a wide variety of other PACLOCK product types so you can have multiple locks and solutions all on the same key. PACLOCK has the ability to not just master key, but even grand-master key your padlocks. This is critical because it proves PACLOCK’s cylinder and keying quality. Any padlocks that can be “only” keyed different or keyed alike lack the precision needed to insure longevity and consumers should be wary of these types of “manufacturers.”

Features & Options


  • Bolt cutter proof hidden shackle
  • One-handed operation
  • Tested to more than 3,600lbs of pull resistance
  • Fits 5/16″ to 3/8″ (8mm to 10mm) chain of any length
  • Steel, universal mounting plate included
  • Mountable to virtually any gate
  • Available in anodized blue
  • Pick and bump resistant technology
  • Security pins
  • Bypass and shim proof
  • Key changes available: 40,000+
  • Chain NOT included
  • Cylinder included
  • Keys included: 2
  • Country of origin: USA
  • BAA/TAA compliant
  • U.S. Patented: 10,047,547

Available Options

  • Your Logo, Your Locks™ custom laser engraving and hard stamping
  • Restricted keyways
  • Key retaining
  • Keyed different (KD)
  • Master keyed (MK)
  • Grand master keyed (GMK)
  • Additional keys

Specs & Dimensions


  • Padlock body material: 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Universal mounting plate material: steel
  • Body width: 2-7/8″
  • Shackle material: Steel
  • Shackle diameter: 13/32″
  • Keyway: P0, PR1, PR2
  • Cylinder: 5 or 6-pin standard rekeyable


Competitor Reference

American Lock®Master Lock®
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Works With

Fences, gates, posts, walls, or anything else that would make one-handed locking and unlocking convenient.