SRV-1150 Cam Lock, Buy American Act Compliant, High Security 6-Pin Cylinder

  • [UCS COMPATIBLE] Only compatible with Standard Rekeyable Series locks. If you have or are interested in our UCS Series locks, please search for “UCS-1150SRV”.
  • [EVERY LOCK, ONE KEY] With PACLOCK, you can use the same key to open your trailer, gate, job box, and more! Order your locks to the same key code to have all of them keyed alike!
  • [HIGH SECURITY] The Standard Rekeyable (SR) high security pick/bump resistant cylinder comes with 6 pins allowing for more than 2,800 unique key codes. Select your own key code and never worry about your neighbor having that same code! Solid 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum body also provides high strength and weatherability!
  • [INNOVATIVE DESIGN] Replace your RV storage container locks with the SRV-1150! Most factory-installed locks share the same key making it easy for anyone at your campground to get into your container. With the true security of the SRV-1150, your possessions are safe and sound! Includes four cams to match the needs of your RV storage container.
  • [AMERICAN MANUFACTURER] Made in USA w/ global components by a family manufacturer hiring veterans & people with disabilities. Unbeatable customer support and exceptional lead times as locks are built and shipped within 24-48 hours!


Almost every motorhome, camper, or RV comes with the same storage compartment keys. If you own an RV or a camper, try unlocking your friend’s camper with your key. There’s a good chance your friend’s lock uses the same key. You might as well never bother locking up your compartments when sharing the same key as everyone else. PACLOCK’s “Super RV Lock” brings real key control to your outdoor storage compartments. Machined from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, the SRV-1150 is rust-resistant and has a 6-pin cylinder that is best in class for pick, bump, rapping, or any other type of surreptitious entry attacks. These locks are guaranteed to have 6-pins and include special “security pins” that thwart would be attacker’s attempts to get into your lock. It also features a silicone cover – the PAC-BAND – that protects the internal components of your lock from road grime. Made in USA with global components.

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