Universal Trailer Coupler Lock

  • [UCS COMPATIBLE] Only compatible with UCS Series locks. If you have our Standard Rekeyable Series locks, please search for “TL79A”.
  • [INNOVATIVE DESIGN] The UCS-79A fits on virtually every coupler and provides extreme versatility! Use it on your boat trailers, kayak trailers, and more. Then once you get to your destination, use the UCS-79A to lock up something else!
  • [EVERY LOCK, ONE KEY] With PACLOCK, you can use the same key to open your trailer, gate, job box, and more! Order your locks to the same key code to have all of them keyed alike! Have an employee walk off with your key? No problem! UCS gives you the ability to immediately change keying or easily re-pin your padlocks in a matter of minutes.
  • [HIGH SECURITY] The UCS high security pick/bump resistant 6-pin cylinder allows for more than 20,000 unique key codes. Select your own key code and never worry about your neighbor having that same code! As the only retail padlock with full stainless-steel pins, the UCS cylinder is a beast.
  • [AMERICAN MANUFACTURER] Made in USA w/ global components by a family manufacturer hiring veterans & people with disabilities. Unbeatable customer support and exceptional lead times as locks are built and shipped within 24-48 hours!


PACLOCK’s UCS-79A is a versatile trailer lock that can be utilized on a variety of applications! Also considered to be a universal trailer lock, it can be used on boat trailers, kayak trailers, and more. The UCS-79A is machined in the U.S. from 6061 aluminum billet and then precision machined in PACLOCK’s manufacturing facility. Machining the body versus casting the body is critical because casted bodies can be easily defeated by melting the bodies with an off-the-shelf plumber’s torch. A body that was CNC machined from solid aluminum can hold up to the torch test. Don’t buy die-cast padlocks ever! 6-Pin technology (more than the industry standard 4 pins) provides over 20,000 unique key codes and makes duplicate key combinations extremely rare. Your key number is virtually unique to you. Stainless steel spool and serrated security pins make the lock pick, bump, and drill resistant. CNC machined for U.S. precision and reliability, the lock body exceeds +/-0.003” tolerances for repeatable quality.

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