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PACLOCK’s unique Your Logo, Your Locks™ program allows anyone to become a “manufacturer” of their own branded padlocks in their own packaging.

3 Ways to get your locks your way:


Our high-powered precision laser permanently etches your logo or info into the solid lock body.

Custom Laser Engrave just about anything onto the face, back, even sides of the lock, including:


-Consecutive serial numbers

-“Property of…”

-“Call for service…”

-Contact info

-Business info, including address, phone number, and website

No Minimum Quantity
No Set-Up Fee


Our 100-ton hydraulic press permanently hard stamps your logo into the solid lock body.

Stand out as a manufacturer with your company logo stamped into your lock

Custom die stamp fee included in the purchase of your initial package ($500 per stamp value)
Custom locks – for life: if the stamp ever gets dull or damaged, we’ll produce you a new one free of charge


Our marketing team will custom design packaging with your logos, color scheme, and info.

Display your branded locks in your own retail packaging

Custom packaging design fee included in the purchase of your initial package ($750 value)
Easy to open clam shells
Can be hung or stand
American flag prominently displayed on front
Universally sized package for all products so you know exactly how much shelf space you need
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What about keys?

Keys are the only item that will be branded PACLOCK. We do have the ability to produce custom-made keys with your company’s name on them, but with a minimum order of 10,000 keys.

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Material Choices

Your Logo, Your Locks™ offers padlocks in three material options, all precision CNC machined from solid metal in the United States by PACLOCK:

  1. Aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum (available in anodized color choices)
  2. Brass
  3. Electroless nickel-plated hardened steel


Made In USA logo

MADE in the USA

All of our Your Logo, Your Lock™ padlocks offered are Made in the USA (with global components) and represent the best quality on the market today. This will allow you to market your lock with the Made in the USA (with global components) logo right on your packaging.

Your Logo Where You Want It

Unlike other manufacturers we don’t put our logo on your custom branded locks, giving you more options where to laser engrave or hard stamp.


Images of locks w/o PACLOCK logo:

  • Front
  • Back
  • Sides

Problem Solved


The Problem:

Big box retailers and Amazon’s competitive advantage with low prices, name recognition, and fast, free shipping have redefined retail padlock sales

  • Locksmiths cannot compete against Amazon with off-the-shelf products
  • Locksmiths dependent on sales of non-standard products with low volumes
  • Locksmiths’ technical/sales product knowledge helps customers find the product they need and then the customer shops elsewhere to compare pricing


The Solution:

Leverage PACLOCK’s Your Logo, Your Locks™ program and become a “manufacturer” of your branded locks in your custom packaging

  • Stop selling off-the-shelf products and start selling your products
  • Leverage the brand loyalty found in your business by becoming your own “manufacturer”
  • Stop selling foreign-made products that you do not truly stand behind and start selling a high-quality product made in the USA with global components


USA Country of Origin:

Selling in government institutions

  • Because “your” locks will have the following certifications, you can sell your locks to the GSA and DLA as well as any other government institution – locks that they cannot buy anywhere else except from your company
    • Made in USA logo
    • BAA/TAA logo
    • GSA and DLA logos


The Bottom Line:

Your company’s branded locks and packaging keep your customers coming back exclusively to you, not a big box retailer or Amazon

Online Retailers
Hardware Stores


Simplicity and Ease


1. Contact us to create a custom package

We’ll work with you to create a custom package of locks in different styles, body materials, shackle heights, and quantities that works for you

2. Send us your logo

Once you approve the mocked-up artwork, we’ll produce your hard die stamp in about 4 weeks

3. We manufacture your locks

Aluminum and brass body locks ship in about 3 weeks and hardened steel locks in about 5 weeks

4. Reorder as needed

With no monthly or yearly minimums, you simply reorder as needed and we’ll ship your order within about 3 to 5 weeks


1. Send us your logo or engraving details

We’ll mock-up artwork for your approval

2. Order as needed

With no minimums, you simple order as needed

3. We manufacture your locks

We’ll manufacture and laser engrave your locks, shipping your order to you in days or weeks (depending on quantity)


1. Send us your company’s logo, color scheme, and design elements

We’ll customize our standard design layout to fit your brand

2. Order as needed

Simply order your laser engraved or hard stamped locks and add-on packaging

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