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We offer four (4) different keying options on PACLOCK® cylinders:

  • Keyed Different (KD)
    • Each padlock has its own unique key. This is the default keying for all products unless requested otherwise.
  • Keyed Alike (KA)
    • All padlocks in the group can be opened with the same key, offering convenience and eliminating multiple keys for those who use numerous padlocks.
  • Master Keyed (MK)
    • Each padlock has a unique key that cannot be used to open the other padlocks, but there is a “master” key that can open all of the padlocks in the group.
  • Grand-Master Keyed (GmK)
    • This system uses two or more “master” key sub-groups where all the padlocks can be opened by a “grand-master” key. However, the sub-groups remain independent of each other.


Our Catalog can be located here: Catalog

For a full listing of our products, please visit the PACLOCK product line here.

We CNC machine and plate/anodize all of our solid bodies in the U.S.A. We produce US Made End products with global components, all products are inspected before being shipped to customers.

We design all of our products here in our office in California. PACLOCK® is consistently on the lookout for anything missing in the market. While other manufacturers cut product line PACLOCK® is ever expanding and growing ours.

We are a privately owned family business (and proud of it!).

We were founded in 1998 as Federal Lock and changed our name to Pacific Lock Company in 2005.

It’s in the design of the cylinder and actuator. Using a “bypass tool” a person can usually engage the half-moon shape of the actuator. With PACLOCK® that half-moon shape is perpendicular to the keyway, making bypass virtually impossible. No wafer needed!

While some of our competitors use levers to hold their locks closed, here at PACLOCK® our products are dual-ball bearing. This means that anyone who tried to shim our locks would not be very successful.

We also use security pins in all of our locks to ensure that our products would be very difficult to rake.

Yes it is! With PACLOCK’s “Your logo, Your locks”™ program, customers can take advantage of the full surface of our locks with either laser engraving or hard stamping.

Key blanks are available for purchase directly from us or select keyways can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Because our standard keyway is common, you should be able to get a duplicate made from a local Home Depot.

You can order PACLOCK® products on Amazon.com, from select Home Depot store locations, from a PACLOCK® distributor, or directly through us by phone or email.

PACLOCK® first started with crimped cores but after listening to the locksport community, have decided to switch to clipped cores.

PACLOCK® will ship orders anywhere if possible.