PAC-BLU™ by PACLOCK® brings enterprise keyless security to the power users who need it most – commercial and industrial customers. PAC-BLU™, short for “PACLOCK’s Bluetooth Locking Unit” is the best in class, keyless security system built from the ground up specifically with enterprise customers in mind. More importantly, the user experience of deploying, administering, and using PAC-BLU is unsurpassed. PACLOCK is making “electrifying your business” simple and cost affordable.

Cloud-Based Enterprise Access Control

The power behind PAC-BLU is the miniaturized access control board. The “Access” or “Access-Mini” control units are more powerful and capable than most, if not all, other access control systems. And the size of the control unit is at least one-tenth the size of a typical access control panel.

The “Access” and “Access-Mini” can control drop bolts, electric strikes, solenoids, electromagnetic locks, door openers, and even DC motors! Built with two independent power inputs, the “Access” and “Access Mini” works off of 6V – 24V DC and can push up to 3 amps and 1.5 amps of power to an end point respectively. Multiple sensor inputs, a manual unlock capability, and independent outputs for LEDs and a “wake” button all come standard.

Full-time, real-time, user eKey distribution and audited happens through the smartphone interaction with the “Access” or “Access-Mini”. Using the “PAC-BLU” app on Android or iPhone, users can unlock anything connected to an “Access” or “Access-Mini.” In the cloud, PAC-BLU’s “Sentinel” web management portal is how company administrators manage the electronic keys, devices, and logs.

PAC-BLU is simple, powerful, affordable, and expandable from one device to hundreds of thousands of devices.


Offers the greatest versatility for configuration by the installer. Simplest to install with push-to-connect wire terminations.


Specifically designed to minimize the footprint of the controller. Used for OEM or large scale implementation.

NexGen App

Install, modify and unlock devices from your smart device. Users only see the locks for which they have valid eKeys.


Enterprise Management of users, devices, eKeys and the central point for audit trials and system management.

PAC-BLU Features

Control a Variety of Endpoints

The ACCESS Series can control a wide range of electronic locking solutions including swing locks, drop bolts, cabinet locks, DC motors, electric strikes, electro-magnetic locks, solenoids and more! The ACCESS Series works with DC controlled locks. The ACCESS Series can work either as Fail-Open (FO) or Fail-Close (FC) simply by a switch of parameters in the PAC-BLU NexGen app.

"TFB2": A Multi-Purpose, Weatherproof Accessory for the Access Series

LED Indicator

Receive immediate visual feedback from the multi-color LED indicator as your ACCESS Series device performs actions.


The TFB2 is IP-65 rated weatherproof. Simply install the rubber cap and the TFB2 will be safe, rain or shine.

9V Battery Terminal

Emergency 9V battery terminals allow you to easily re-power your device in case of power loss.

LED Indicator

Wake your ACCESS Series device from sleep mode with the push of a button. Hold down the wake button to reboot the device.