PAC-BLU redefines industry standards by lowering up-front system costs and simplifying installation. With simplicity and security in mind, PAC-BLU is the easiest way to setup Cloud-Based Access Control for your company or organization.

Choosing PAC-BLU means investing in a future where access control is seamless, security is uncompromisable, and business operations are more efficient. It’s an ideal solution for any organization looking to modernize their access control and embrace the digital transformation of security.

How It Works

Web App

Your portal for managing user permissions, assigning eKeys and viewing audit trails for all devices throughout your company.


PAC-BLU’s cloud-based technology secures your data with TLS asymmetric cryptography and AES-128 bit encryption standards.

Mobile App

Your phone becomes your key. Bluetooth Low Energy allows for energy savings and extended-range communication.


The Access controls electric strikes, drop bolts, DC motors, electromagnets, cabinet locks, and other endpoints.


Access Control Problems


Traditional systems are outdated, cumbersome and non-intuitive, making daily management and usage a hassle for administrators and users alike.

Complex Installs. Rising Costs.

Traditional Access Control systems involve complex installations with extensive wiring “home-runs,” hubs, permits, and IP connectivity requirements. Keypad and card-reader installations add to the complexity and system cost. Ongoing expenses can mount quickly with traditional access systems due to damaged readers or keypads and licensing fees for adding new users or devices.

Copied, Lost, and Stolen Keys​

Physical keys, fobs, and RFID cards can be duplicated, shared, and even stolen – preventing you from knowing exactly who opened your doors and when.

is the solution

Simple. Easy. Powerful.

PAC-BLU transforms your smartphone into powerful mobile credentials, removing the reliance on traditional card readers, cards, and fobs. Additionally, no PoE requirements means less installation time and associated costs, while still providing powerful, cloud-based management features in the Sentinel web app.

Low Cost. High Tech.

PAC-BLU is the easiest solution to transition from a traditional key system into a keyless access control system – complete with audit trails, eKey management, and a myriad of features only possible with electronic access control. PAC-BLU’s “hub-less” design offers lower installation costs, while providing increased versatility and scalability.

Secure Mobile Credentials​​

Far more secure and convenient, mobile credentials are the antidote to traditional access methods, putting an end to key duplication and RFID “sniffing” attacks. Advanced encryption and authentication protocols ensure your data is protected while keeping user management simple and easy.

Applications & Industries

PAC-BLU is versatile in any environment, including corporate offices, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and manufacturing plants, offering a scalable, secure access control solution that meets the dynamic needs of modern workspaces and secure areas.

Education & Institutional

Offices & Administration

Healthcare Environments

Commercial & Manufacturing

Off-the-Grid Installations

Transportation Industry

Mobile Access Control

PAC-BLU redefines industry standards by lowering up-front system costs and simplifying installation. With simplicity and security in mind, PAC-BLU is the easiest way to setup Cloud-Based Access Control for your company or organization.

Roll-Up Doors

Replace the padlocks on your Todco or Whiting door handles with a lock that provides you with valuable information and higher security. This cutting-edge solution empowers transportation industry leaders with data insights to enhance security and streamline operations.

Available Q3'24

Location-Based eKeys

eKeys not only offer role-based and time-specific access, but also the added advantage of location-based restrictions. This innovation grants fleet managers precise control over the locations where trailer doors can be opened, enhancing security and oversight.


Intelligent Bluetooth Opening Controller

Mobile credentials and cloud-based access control are the future and the Access is the simplest way to move into the future from a keyed system to a keyless system. Simple to install and easy to administer, each Access is managed from a web-based portal anywhere in the world. Powerful configuration and management features give you complete control of your doors.

Simplified Installation

No hub required – the Access communicates directly with the users smartphone via Bluetooth. No need for lengthy cable runs.

Powerful Versatility

Control a variety of endpoints, ensure uninterrupted access with dual power inputs, easily wire a REX, and monitor door status with multiple sensors.


Expand your system with as many Access controllers as needed. No extra costs for extra users, add as many as needed.

No Reader Required

Don’t hassle with extra installation time. Simply mount the Access and assign eKeys to your user’s smartphones.

Backup Power Inputs

Keep your systems running on backup power when hard-line power goes down.

Multi-Sensor Support

Monitor door status with versatile sensor compatibility.

Advanced Endpoint Control

Open virtually any electronic device, including magnets, strikes, DC motors, drop bolts, and cabinet locks.

Push-In Connectors

Save installation time and money with user-friendly plug-and-play connectors.

Mobile Credentials

Conveniently manage access permissions via smartphones using Bluetooth technology.

REX Support

Ensure compliance with safety regulations using the Request to Exit override.



In The Box



The PAC-BLU System


Web-Based, Cloud Management
Add, Remove, and Manage Users
Full-Access, Time-Based, or One-Time eKeys
View Audit Trails and Activity Logs


Mobile Smartphone App
Installers can setup and modify PB-Access devices
End Users use eKeys as mobile credentials


eKey Management

Access Control. Anywhere.

At the heart of PAC-BLU is the “Sentinel” web management platform. Unlike traditional access control solutions, PAC-BLU’s Sentinel offers easy management of thousands of PAC-BLU devices and end-points – saving installers and administrators time and money.

Unlike many other systems out there, PAC-BLU has no limit on the number of users or devices connected into an enterprise system. Sentinel also centralizes management and assignment of users, eKeys, and time schedules. The system is easy to use and has a clean user experience.

Cloud-Based Security

With advanced capabilities to easily modify access schedules, grant access, and revoke access for a group of users, the web portal elegantly bypasses the need to scroll through lists of users to make quick changes. “Sentinel” also powerfully links access with accountability. It enables proactive monitoring of your locks’ access history, ensuring users are held in compliance with your enterprise policies for authorized access. 

Powerful Management Tools

Detailed Audit Trails

View a comprehensive record of all access events, with detailed monitoring and analysis of security data in real time.

Device Groups

Organize devices to streamline management and save time on deploying credentials for users.

Access Levels

Define and manage access levels within Sentinel and assign full-access, time-based, user-based, or one-time eKeys.

Mobile Credentials

Never cut a key again! Turn smartphones into keys and remove the hassle of traditional access control systems.

Global Settings

Implement uniform security policies and configurations across your entire network, ensuring consistent access control and system behavior.

Audit Trails

Get Accurate Data

In traditional access control environments, keys and fobs can be stolen, shared, or duplicated – leading to inaccurate audit trails.

PAC-BLU utilizes mobile credentials to provide security managers with accurate activity logs, empowering them to promptly take action on accurate data. Audit trails record a history of all types of events including unlocks, relocks, eKey assignments, and device modifications.

Assign eKeys​

eKey Flexibility​

In PAC-BLU, administrators wield unparalleled control through customizable eKey capabilities. Whether granting full access privileges, establishing time-based restrictions, enabling one-time-use keys, or setting expiration and start dates, administrators tailor access permissions to match specific needs.

This granular control ensures optimal security and flexibility, empowering administrators to adapt access permissions seamlessly to evolving requirements.

Device Groups

Save Time Assigning eKeys

Device Groups save time by simplifying eKey distribution for system administrators. For instance, administrators can create groups based on working shifts, ensuring that employees have access to the required areas during their designated hours. Alternatively, groups can be organized by building, allowing seamless access management tailored to different locations within a facility.

This flexibility empowers administrators to optimize access control strategies according to specific operational needs, enhancing efficiency and security across diverse environments.