Finally a brand you can sell with no competition.



Finally a brand you can sell with

no competition


600A Laser Engraved Your Logo, Your Locks PACLOCK padlock

Customers come for your expertise – make sure they keep coming back. Hard stamp your logo directly on to a PACLOCK®, making you a “manufacturer” of your own locks. Your company’s branded locks and packaging keep your customers coming back exclusively to you, not a big box retailer or even Amazon. Your customers will forever remember your name as a provider of excellent US-Made security solutions.

Stop selling the same products as Amazon and other large retailers that spend millions on advertising. With YLYL™, the locks you sell are manufactured by you. When you recommend them a lock, you’ll be recommending YOUR locks. When customers come back, they’ll be asking for YOUR locks. Don’t just sell locks. Sell YOUR locks.


Stop Selling Padlocks.
Start Selling Solutions.

Stop looking at a customer’s need for a padlock as just a need for a padlock, and find a better way to solve the customer’s problem. PACLOCK® develops industry specific solutions to make it easier for you to sell a better crafted product to your customer. Job boxes, utility trailers, toy haulers, inter-modal containers, fences, or even areas where more than just one style of hasp is required to do the job are all examples of where PACLOCK® excels.

Stamp Out
the Competition.

If you sell to places like government agencies or educational institutions, then you can literally lock yourself in with them as a preferred supplier by putting THEIR logo or name on their padlocks! Have them add that to the quote specifications and truly lock out the competition. Because you can produce their locks for them in small batches, it becomes a win-win all around! New hard-die stamps are $350 and you’re ready to start making custom locks for your customers 100 locks at a time!

Hard Die Stamping

Our 100-ton hydraulic press permanently hard stamps your logo into the solid lock body.

Laser Engraving

Our high-powered, precision laser permanently etches your logo or other info into the solid lock body.

Custom Retail Packaging

Our marketing team will design custom packaging using your logo and color scheme.

Buy American Act Compliant

Stop supporting Mexican, Chinese, or even German produced padlocks ~ locksmiths value their business and should value supporting US manufacturers. As a part of PACLOCK’s YLYL™ Program, your company will be able to leverage all of the benefits that come with selling Buy American Act compliant products. Your solid body padlocks are engineered, CNC’d, hand sanded, hand assembled, packed, and quality checked in the USA. Should there be any issues, you have the benefit of working with a US company to remedy any issues as opposed to working with a company on the other side of the world. Tight tolerances are a given with PACLOCK® and will become an expectation of yours.
No more shackles flying out.

Name Your Cylinder Type

PACLOCK® manufactures a wider variety of solid body padlocks than ANY other padlock manufacturer in the world. You name it, PACLOCK® likely makes it. From Sargent to Yale to Medeco, to SFIC to LFIC to FSIC, from 5-pin to 6-pin to 7-pin, to 1/4” to 5/16” and all the way up to 7/16” diameter shackles ~ PACLOCK® has it. Want to put your KiK cylinder into a hockey-puck? No problem, PACLOCK® invented it and has a patent on it. What about putting your logo on a hockey-puck with Master’s 7000B keyway? No problem!

Options. And then Some.

Being a part of the YLYL™ Program also means your company can put its logo on PACLOCK’s hottest new releases. You can literally be the first ones on the market! Need key retained? No problem. Want to sell your own version of PACLOCK’s “Universal Cylinder System” and beat The Home Depot at their own game? Can do. Need some of your locks in custom retail packaging, but others in plain packaging? No problem! Once you’re in the program, follow-on orders only require minimum order sizes of 100 per lock type.

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