Key Changes


"The new standard of GROWTH and EXPANSION in LOTO systems!"

With over 200,000 possible key combinations, PACLOCK’s “PL410-PRO” quintuples what customers expect today from a typical safety lockout padlock. It is also the only product where small runs with custom keying or colors are available. Topping it all off, the PL410-PRO is the first and only thermoplastic padlock produced in the United States with some global components.

Light weight and affordable

10 Different standard color options

200,000+ Key Combinations

Key tracking service available

Custom laser engraving available

Multiple keying options

Custom color and multi-color options available

Manufactured in the U.S.

7-Pin Technology

When PACLOCK® was approached by the LOTO Safety industry to solve the problem of not enough key combinations for Lock Out Tag Out Padlocks, we had one condition: We do it our way. As a result, Pacific Lock Company brought forth the new standard of growth and expansion in LOTO systems to the industry.

During the development process of the PL 410-PRO LOTO padlock, our design team re-engineered the pin technology to surpass industry norms and offer 200,000 key combinations while only using 7 pins. By limiting the length of the pins to 7, PACLOCK® has done more with less and increased the lastingness of the PL 410-PRO, because any key with 8 pins or more is prone to breaking.

American Made

The first and only thermoplastic padlock manufactured in the U.S., the PL 410-PRO is PACLOCK’s answer to its motto “The Future of Padlocks.” PACLOCK® is a family run business owned and operated in the U.S. Using global components, PACLOCK® precisely manufactures safety LOTO locks to help keep operations safe and up to standards.

The Only U.S. LOTO Manufacturer

The PL 410-PRO begins as plastic before it is melted down and precision-injected into 2 molds that hold together the shackle, cylinder, and lock mechanics, before being ultrasonically welded together. This whole process takes place in the U.S. which assures consistent quality and reliability. As the only Lock Out Tag Out manufacturer that cuts keys, pins cylinders, and assembles LOTO locks in the U.S., PACLOCK® has the ability to quickly answer custom keying orders in small sizes.

Custom Capabilities

PACLOCK’S PL 410-PRO can be keyed-alike, master-keyed, and even grand-master-keyed. Custom, reserved keyways can be manufactured for large LOTO operations and alternate keyways will become available in the future to allow for an additional 200,000 key changes for each new keyway.


Color Options

Beyond providing custom colors in small runs, the PL 410-PRO comes in 36 different colors. This provides organizations with the ability to assign colors to different departments or trades within the operation, offering a visual standardization option to meet OSHA requirements.


Shackle Lengths

The PL 410-PRO features 5 different shackle lengths to choose from. PACLOCK® provides shackles with the following lengths: 3/4″, 1-3/16″, 1-1/2″, 2″, and 3″.  Our shackles are engineered specifically to ensure safe operations and meet required OSHA standards.