The UCS™ system by PACLOCK® is the simplest way to minimize the size of your key ring and unlock the full potential of your lock system. Our American-built locks are made with extreme precision, allowing the cylinders to be interchangeable. This gives you 100% control over which locks have which key.

Security For All

Whether you need to lock up your toy hauler or secure your fleet of trucks, PACLOCK’s Universal Cylinder System can keep your possessions safe. UCS™ locks provide the capability to have one key for an infinite quantity of padlocks, trailer door locks, puck-links and container door locks.

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Universal Cylinder System

Unlock control of your keys.

The UCS™ system provides maximum flexibility over your key system. With UCS™, every padlock can have its own, unique key, all padlocks can share the same key, or a master key can be used to open all locks. Finally, a Grand-Master key allows for a sub-system of Master Keys over your locks.

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Hardened Stainless Steel Shackles

PACLOCK® is the only lock manufacturer to accompany locks with hardened stainless steel shackles. These rustproof locks are remarkably tough to cut, because of our unique hardening process. At PACLOCK®, we deliver the highest quality locks to our customers, and providing hardened stainless steel shackles is just a part of ensuring that our locks stand above the competition.

Innovative Security.

PACLOCK® padlocks are built with 6-pin technology, which is more than your typical off-the-shelf lock. This provides added security against lockpicking and bumping. It also allows for over 20,000 unique key codes. Your PACLOCK® key number is virtually unique to you.

Marine Grade Quality.

Our American Built UCS locks are Marine Grade from the inside out. Built using 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, UCS™ locks are All Weather, Rust Proof, and impervious to salt damage. UCS™ locks are body chiseled from aluminum and anodized to provide maximum strength with minimum weight, delivering a lock built to last through the harshest environments.

5,000,000+ Locks Sold To The U.S. Military

None Returned For Quality Defects

At PACLOCK we engineer, CNC machine, assemble, and quality test all of our solid body locks in the USA – our key differentiating factor. The OEM locks that we do bring in from outside the U.S. are rigorously quality tested, ensuring it is up to our own quality standards.

Because we manufacture in the USA we can control quality, production capacity, and quickly develop new, innovative products in a matter of weeks, not months or years.