Lockability (lok-uh-bil-i-tee) n.
The capacity to secure or to fasten an object by use of a tool or device.

UCS™ Keying Options

UCS™ is designed to give you complete control over your lock system and gives the ability to easily add additional locks to your security system. For those that need to have Master-Keys in their system or even several levels of Master-Keys for managers or supervisors, PACLOCK® possesses the ability to create a tiered lock system where managers and owners always have the required access, and those who don’t have access are kept out.


All padlocks in the group can be opened with the same key, offering convenience and eliminating multiple keys for those who use numerous padlocks.


Each padlock has a unique key that cannot be used to open the other padlocks, but there is a “master” key that can open all of the padlocks in the group.

Grand Master-Keyed

This system uses two or more “master” key sub-groups where all the padlocks can be opened by a “grand-master” key. However, the sub-groups remain independent of each other.

Every Lock, One Key™

The UCS™ system does not only work with an infinite amount of Job Box locks, for example, but it works with every different type of UCS™. This allows you to unlock your trailer, job box, work van, the ladder on your work van, and anything else you can lock up with one key. Expand your lockability with the Universal Cylinder System from PACLOCK® and trim down your keyring.

Need to Change Cylinders?

Every UCS™ lock type is precisely CNC’ed and has the ability to change its cylinder out to allow the setup of a keyed-alike, master-keyed, and grandmaster-keyed system. With UCS™, you’ll only ever need one key to unlock your whole system of locks, while still having a key hierarchy system in place.