True Security

Why do we call it true security? Other lock manufacturers claim to have “high” or “ultimate” security locks and have even made up their own grading system for how secure their locks are. Unfortunately, their locks are weak and some can be raked in 2 seconds. PACLOCK® ensures that you feel confident about what you have locked away.

All PACLOCK® padlocks come standard with 6-pin cylinder technology. The most popular Master Locks® only have 4-pins, leaving them relatively easy to pick and making duplicate key combinations a problem. Our standard 6-pin cylinder far exceeds the U.S. military lock requirements of a 5-pin cylinder.

The insides of our locks are built using brass, aluminum, and stainless steel components, keeping them secure from not just unwanted guests, but harsh weather as well.

Genuine Lock Reviews

We can only tell you so much about how we truly build our locks to be protected against attacks. Sometimes it’s better to see the actual locks in the hands of expert lockpickers to see firsthand, the true security of our locks and our commitment to engineering the most innovate locks.


Stainless Steel Security Pins

Security pins create “false sets” making PACLOCK’s virtually impossible to pick. No lock provides a higher level of security. PACLOCK’s CNC precision cylinder and body manufacturing exceed +/-0.003″ tolerances for repeatable quality to give you a lifetime of smooth operation.

6 Pin Technology

Most padlocks cut costs and offer only 4 pin cylinders. When combined with low manufacturing precision, these offer less than a few hundred unique key combinations. PACLOCK’s 6 pin cylinders and precision manufacturing provide MORE THAN 20,000 unique key combinations.

Why Six Pins?

A lock with four pins is lucky to yield hundreds of key changes, meaning that it’s not uncommon that you share the same key with another owner of the same lock type. We build our UCS™ locks with 6 pins, which can generate 20,000 usable, non-interchangeable key changes. While it’s rare to find a padlock with any security pins, UCS™ locks boast stainless steel security pins. These stainless steel pins make it remarkably tough for any attempt to drill the cylinder.