1. Decode "Your" U-Pin Code™

Type the 5-digit U-Pin Code™ found on your U-Pin Key™ below to receive "your" unique pinning order:

2. Pin "Your" U-Pin Cylinder™

Watch PAC-PREZ explain how simple it is to expand your UCS™ system.

In a matter of minutes, you can learn how to expand "your" UCS™ system whenever you need.

U-Pin Cylinder™ Instructions

1. Decode “your” unique “pinning order” using the key code on “your” UCS-Key™ by visiting www.PACLOCK.com/ucs/start.

2. Using the 1mm wrench, remove the screw. Insert the U-Pin-Key™ and rotate it 180° clockwise. Turn the U-Pin-Cylinder™ upside-down and “dump-out” all 6 UCS-Pins™.

3. Do not remove the U-Pin-Key™. Instead, rotate the key 90° counter-clockwise and then remove it. Insert “your” UCS-Key™ and rotate it back 90°.

4. Install the UCS-Pins™ according to “your” unique “pinning order.” Ensure that all six UCS-Pins™ are level with one another. If not, see the How-To Video for help.

5. Rotate the existing UCS-Key™ 180° and re-install the 1mm screw. Congratulations on expanding “your” UCS™ system!