Provides Locks For Every Scenario


The UCS-10A is designed specifically for job boxes and tool chests. Built with 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and a hardened stainless steel shackle, this lock keeps your tools safe. With the UCS™ interchangeable cylinder system, one key will unlock all job boxes and any of the different types of locks PACLOCK’s Universal Cylinder System offers.

PACLOCK’s UCS-10A is the only padlock ever designed from the ground up specifically for job boxes. With extensive research and field testing, PACLOCK® has carefully assembled the last lock you’ll ever buy for your job box or tool chest. The UCS-10A comes with a hardened stainless steel shackle, ensuring a tough, weatherproof lock. Built with an innovative lever locking design, the UCS-10A padlock replaces the out-of-date Master Lock #5. If you rely on what’s in your job box, click below to secure your job box today.

Cargo Security

Keep your cargo safe with the patent-pending UCS-81A and 82A, the most innovate locks in trailer security. The UCS-81A is built to secure virtually all trailer doors from toy haulers to swinging-door truck trailers. Built specifically for intermodal containers, the UCS-82A keeps your cargo safe with its hidden shackle, feature on both lock types. This cutting-edge design keeps the shackle concealed and the lock impervious to bolt cutter and hacksaws. With all aluminum, stainless steel, and brass components, this lock is built to last.

Swinging door, reefer, car, horse, and equipment trailers can all be locked up with PACLOCK® UCS™ locks. PACLOCK® also allows you to secure your toys in your toy hauler.

Chain Security

The UCS™ Puck-Link mountable chain lock is the most innovative lock in chain security. With over 3,600 lbs of pull resistance, PACLOCK® offers true security with no shackle to cut. The Puck-Link is the ideal lock to protect ladders, fences, generators, bikes, and many other possessions. Chain security has never been easier than with PACLOCK’s UCS-6A Puck-Link. The one-handed “Pop-Top” operation and chain retention hook make it effortless to lock and unlock.

Work Van Security

Never lose your lock again with PACLOCK’s Lock-To-Hasp fastening! With the UCS-7A, you’ll be confident that your work van is secure. This lock features a protected bolt design and is a direct replacement for the Master Lock Hasp. It’s easy to add this lock to your existing UCS™ padlocks and benefit from having one key for every lock.

Built with a lifetime of abuse from natural elements in mind, the UCS-7A will never rust thanks to a double coating that protects again rain, sleet, and snow. For ease of use, the lock is mounted to one side of the hasps, which also allows for seamless and swift operation. The UCS-7A comes with a sturdy mounting plate for each door, keeping your van safe and keeping you worry-free.

General Application

UCS™ locks come in all shapes and sizes. With various sized shackles, that can be interchanged depending on the use, UCS™ is the perfect option for home security. Lock up your bike or trash cans with the Puck-Link mountable chain lock or keep your backyard secure with UCS-2A, featuring a hardened stainless steel shackle that works well in low security situations.

Most importantly, you’ll only ever need one key for all of your padlocks. It’s quick and effortless to change the cylinder of a UCS™ padlock, which gives you more time to relax instead of worrying about the security of your office, home, or anything you need to be protected.

Meet The Family

With UCS™, one key can unlock your tools and unlock your toys. Our innovative UCS™ line provides many different lock types to ensure the safety of your tools and toys are not a concern. While exploring the outdoors, you’ll know your possessions are secure with PACLOCK®. We’ve spent time engineering locks to conceive the most versatile lock system to date. Our interchangeable cylinder system works across all our UCS™ products and allows for our hardened, stainless steel shackles to have various sizes, providing true versatility.