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PAC-BLU™ redefines industry standards by lowering up-front system costs and simplifying installation. With simplicity and security in mind, PAC-BLU™ is the easiest way to setup Cloud-Based Access Control for your company or organization.

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PACLOCK® is bringing "European-Level" High-Security to America by producing a 100% Made in the USA, Rotating Disc Cylinder. First orders going to American Warfighters, PACLOCK's rotating disc technology will soon be available to everyone throughout PACLOCK's innovative padlock designs.
Locking Hitch Pins
The UCS-80S-250 is the toughest, most rust-resistant locking hitch pin in the world. The 5/8 inch 304 stainless-steel pin comes with a 304 stainless steel body that provides ultimate strength and weatherability. Secure your trailer hitch to your vehicle so that you can tow your ice chests, road bikes, U-Haul, or whatever it may be worry-free!

Door Lock

The UCS-84A-TDC is engineered specifically for your roll-up truck doors from Todco. It is the only one-piece high security solution that protects and defends the most critical point of your roll up truck door’s latching system—the hook.


American Manufacturing

U.S. Family Business

Short Lead Times


Precision CNC Machining

Every Lock,
One Key™

Never before has it been possible to key together padlocks built specifically for trailers, job boxes, and more. With UCS™, customers have the ability to use the same key to open all their different-styled padlocks, providing them the simplest way to minimize the size of their key ring.

America's Leading Physical Security Manufacturer

PACLOCK® manufactures a large assortment of traditional solid and laminated body padlocks; hidden shackle and hockey puck-style locks; transportation locks; government locks; hasps; and smart lock solutions. With our engineers working with your custom solutions and OEM needs.

Keying Options

PACLOCK® gives you complete control over your lock system and the ability to easily add additional locks. For those that need to have Master-Keys in their system or even several levels of Master-Keys for managers or supervisors, PACLOCK® possesses the ability to create a tiered lock system where managers and owners always have the required access, and those who don’t are kept out.

OEM & Custom Solutions

Let PACLOCK® manufacture your products for you! Our engineering team is eager to hear and work with your needs for custom solutions!

Distributor Inquiries

Interested in carrying PACLOCK® products? We’re currently accepting new distributors, contact us to learn more.

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